Strong Island has delivered photography workshops for the last 4 years to over a thousand people of all ages and abilities across the south coast.


Working with Chichester Harbour Conservancy, University of Portsmouth, Making Space, Hampshire Cultural Trust plus many schools and youth groups we’ve developed Walkshops, where rather than sitting down in a classroom you actively learn different photography skills and techniques out and about with your camera, with support from a professional photographer.


Everyone is welcome to come along, it doesn’t matter how confident you are with your camera, from total beginner to expert there is lots to discover


Bring your digital or film camera: anything from a digital compact through to an SLR and if you want to shoot 35mm film, cool! Cameraphones are welcome too


We run workshops in a variety of different locations on the south coast


Learn in a group with people of all abilities

Learn lots of new techniques, skills and tips with a professional photographer/

On the walkshops you’ll have the opportunity to discover lots of new camera techniques and skills in fun and interesting ways, these new skills and techniques you can use time and again in the future


Try lots of new compositional techniques including Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Natural Framing, Layering, etc.


Discover new ways to see what is around you, finding new ways of capturing the location and the things you find on your walkshop

Take Control

Switch off automatic and take more control of your camera with aperture and shutter speed explored to creative effect with Depth of Field, Long Exposures & more

Themes & Narratives

Explore particular creative themes (such as B&W, textures, etc) and learn how to create narrative to your images with what you include, leave out and tips on building atmosphere

Thank you so much for the walkshop on Saturday.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to hopefully doing another one soon.


Paul has a calm, friendly and approachable manner. He is a natural communicator who is able to share his enthusiasm for, and expertise and knowledge of his craft. These qualities mean he is able to engage with all ages and abilities.

Chichester Harbour Conservancy

I thoroughly enjoyed it and picked up some really useful tips. The morning was really relaxing and I’ve consequently been bitten by the bug! I will be booking another walkshop ASAP. 



Staunton Park

Staunton Country Park

Staunton Country Park is the free entry parkland to the north of the well known ornamental farm, petting zoo and glasshouses. We will be starting at the main gate and

Historic Milton Lock

On this photography walkshop explore the landscape and area around the historic Milton Lock, the once entrance from Portsmouth’s Langstone Harbour to the old Portsmouth Canal. The photowalk explores the

Foxes Forest

Foxes Forest in Spring

Explore Portsmouth’s natural northern edge where the historic Hilsea Lines meet Foxes Forest. This popular photography walkshop will explore this quiet and often forgotten Portsmouth location, with wildlife and nature

Dell Quay

Explore Dell Quay

Dell Quay, just 5 minutes drive from Chichester, and is a beautiful & historic hamlet right on the Fishbourne Channel of Chichester Harbour. We’ll be starting off on the quay


Old Portsmouth

We’ll be exploring Old Portsmouth, starting off at the Round Tower and then exploring the old battery stations and the top of the Round Tower before making our way down


Gosport Harbourside

For this Gosport walkshop we will be starting off at the entrance to the Gosport Ferry terminal in Gosport and from there we will be exploring along the harbourside north

People on Hayling Island Beach

This workshop takes place on the eastern beach of Hayling Island that forms one side of the entrance of Chichester Harbour and focuses on taking photos of people. We’ll have






22 May

Photos From Explore Historic Milton Lock Photo Walkshop

More than a little behind on these walkshop write-ups, apologies on that, Strong Island has been a really busy place for the last few months for all sorts of reasons,

02 May

Photos From Explore Portsmouth Cathedral Photo Walkshop

More than a little behind on these walkshop write-ups, apologies on that, Strong Island has been a really busy place for the last few months for all sorts of reasons,

03 April

Spring Photo Walkshops Now Available!

A little longer than hoped…but happy to now say that the spring 2017 photography walkshops for April, May and June are now available. There will also be 2-3 more to

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