Cancelling Calshot Photo Walkshop

First, thank you for supporting me with the bookings for the Calshot photo walkshop planned for tomorrow (Saturday 16th March). Sadly, I’ve had some cancellations this week which means we would now be a very small group, and what with the long journey to get there and the question over the weather too I’ve had to cancel the walkshop. I’ve had to do this a few times this winter for low number and bad weather and I hate to do it. For this workshop what with the travel costs to get to Calshot and back from Portsmouth and parking it just isn’t economically the right thing to do, sorry.

It was a bit of a punt on this location as it is new for for these walkshops (but I’ve done a photography walk there last autumn) and a bit far from Portsmouth but I know it is an excellent location to take photos.

I’ve got one more walkshop planned for Itchenor on the 23rd March which is also a great location with loads to capture. After that I think I might take a little time to think over what to do moving forward. I do my best to make my workshops affordable but with the low entry cost they are then only viable if I have a certain number of participants. This winter it has been quite quiet with bookings. It might be the cost of living or I need different locations or maybe a new approach. Not sure. It’s a tough balance as weekend time with my family is important too, but I love teaching photography and I always look forward to seeing lots of photographers on Saturday mornings.

Anyway, I hope that explains why I’ve had to cancel. Thanks again for the support and sorry.

– Paul.

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