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Our Old Portsmouth night photography walkshop is always popular as it normally allows us to try many different long exposure and light painting techniques…but this walkshop was different. We started off the same as usual at The Point and getting our cameras carefully set up and ready to go. We work together step by step and go through all the exposure settings (Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO) but also manual focus, shutter timer/remote and even stabilisation and filters. With everyone’s camera up on a tripod and all set to go we worked on initial shots. It was still just daylight at this time but moving to dusk, and we decided to move over to the slipway by the entrance to The Camber harbour. The plan was to spend a little time here and move on but instead we as a group decided to deep dive this location and developing ideas as the light changed.

The focal point for all our images was the Spinnaker Tower that on that evening was lit up in pink. We used the ramp and pontoon as a leading line out to the tower but also looked at different compositions, going higher/lower on our tripods, moving closer to the water line and even under and behind the ramp (christened the ‘Tristan Angle’ as he was maybe the first to spy this perspective). We had colour in the sky until deep in to the blue hour and we captured the lines of light as the Isle of Wight ferry passed in and out of port. We also did some light paining on the slipway that was really fun!

We have a new night photography walkshop in Southsea coming up on 24th of February, you can find out more and see photos taken on past similar walkshops HERE.



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