10-Week Basics of Photography & Film Course with Making Space and Strong Island Media

After running regular photography and film workshops for over 5 years we’re really happy to announce our first evening class with Making Space starting this autumn on Monday nights where you can learn all about photography and filmmaking over a series of 10 evenings at Making Space with Paul Gonella from Strong Island Media.


The course will be broken down in to two 5 week blocks, the first will be all about getting creative with photography. You’ll learn all about composition, perspectives, exposure (aperture, shutter speed & ISO) with workshops looking at texture, discovering different angles, studio lighting, light painting and much more. You’ll have your best shots then displayed at Making Space with a special exhibition. We’ll also be looking at sharing your work online and out and about, with a Free Art Friday style art drop.


The following five weeks will be taking all of our learn camera skills and adapting them to filmmaking. We’ll have workshops looking at the principles of films & genre, camera shots, film crew roles, writing a script, storyboarding, filming, sound, directing and finally post production. The final film will then be screened! By the end of this 10 week series of workshops you’ll have all of the skills you need to really unleash your creative ideas with your camera.


Visit the Strong Island website for all the details and how to enrol on the course.

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