Photos From Portchester Castle Photo Walkshop

The 50th(!) photography walkshop was at the always popular Portchester Castle. The castle at the top of Portsmouth Harbour is awesome for exploring with your camera and we got lucky with some blue sky and sunshine. We started off at the main gate and then worked our way along to an entrance gate by the tower. We looked at triptychs and began to explore capturing details and textures.

The main square tower is huge so we tried out some different perspectives and a lot of looking up. The old stone textures were great and we tried placing our cameras on the wall itself and in the corners where it met the castle wall. The sun was just the right height in the sky to be coming through some of the holes in the top of the wall so we tried capturing sun bursts (safely). The dry moat begins at the tower so we also looked at the different views from the bottom of the moat, as well as leading the eye along it.

We headed east to the footbridge that crosses the moat. This small bridge is great for leading lines and as always someone got volunteered to model for the rest of the group. Press ganged is how it normally goes… We crossed the bridge and went along the path out to the harbour and slipway. The old pier and the pieces of pontoon here were great for mixing up some of the different composition techniques we had tried out already.

The harbour path heads south down to the protected castle entrance, that once had round towers and heavy gates. The entrance now works well for natural framing and also is really interesting with the old tower stairs leading up in to the blue sky. We tried to capture passing yachts from Port Solent in the open gateway door too. Continuing along the shore path we made it down to the beach that looks directly south down to the Spinnaker Tower, Gosport and the harbour entrance. These wide open harbour views are wonderful at any time of the year, plus the low tide allowed us to look for interesting shots on the shore too. Thank you everyone for coming along!

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