Photos from Old Portsmouth at Night Photo Walkshop

Our second night photography walkshop earlier this month was fully booked and once everyone had arrived at ‘The Point’ in Old Portsmouth and got their cameras all set up on tripods we got a few interested looks from people out and about that evening. We started with photos of the Spinnaker Tower and waiting for a passing Seacat or car ferry. We worked on different settings and compositions and began light painting different elements of an image to bring them out from the ambient light.

We made our way down through Old Portsmouth to Tower Alley and looked at creating atmospheric long exposures of figures and the use of fill flash to freeze an element of movement. From here we walked down to the Square Tower and out on to the Hotwalls beach. With the clouds clearing we caught Orion overlooking the Solent and then went down to the beach to create different light painting images, with the last one combining 4 different elements created by different people. Teamwork! Despite the chill in the air it was great fun and we’re looking forward to the next walkshop which will be at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard this Saturday (19th), a few spaces are available still and you can book online HERE. We’re working on the summer schedule of photo walkshops both in Portsmouth and at different other locations along the south coast, details soon!

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