Photos From Southsea Seafront Photo Walkshop

In June we had a photography walkshop down on Southsea Seafront, this is always a popular walk (this was our third visit) and the variety of different locations along the way always makes for really interesting photos. We began at the Rose Gardens, looking at some macro photography and controlling our focusing. From there we went out the front of the old fort and looked at different ways of capturing the colourful beach huts, including geometric framing, light & shadow, triptychs, depth of field and more. From there we crossed over to the promenade and down on to the beach.

The Solent is great for practicing rule of thirds, with the Isle of Wight kindly providing a horizontal line and ships and yachts moving in and out of the frame. We also looked at perspectives and negative space before ending up the photography walkshop down at South Parade Pier. A big thank you to everyone who came along.

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