Photos From Portchester Castle Photo Walkshop

In June we had a photography walkshop up at the historic Portchester Castle, which lies at the very top of Portsmouth Harbour. The location is a real mix of different subjects, from the old castle walls through to the harbour views, so there was no doubt that we’ll have lots of great photos from this short walk around the castle grounds. We started off just outside the main gate, looking at rule of thirds and using the castle walls and tower to shape our compositions. From there we looked at triptychs using the old gated doorway in the wall as our subject. We looked at different perspectives next with the castle tower, looking straight up and along and also from down in the dry moat. From here we made our way down to the wooden bridge crossing the moat and worked on more advanced techniques than usual walkshops, combining geometric lines mixed with portraiture.

We started exploring the harbour side of Portchester Castle at the sailing club pontoon, a popular photography spot. We looked at leading the eye and also took photos of the yachts making their way to and from Port Solent. At the southern end of the harbour edge path we looked at alternative landscape angles capturing the wide harbour and the cloudy, atmospheric skies. We finally finished up with more portraiture using short depth of field to create atmospheric colour-wash backgrounds. This was a great walk and I’m sure we’ll be back there again soon. Thanks to everyone who came along!

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