Photos From People on Hayling Island Beach Photo Walkshop

We’re always looking at trying out new locations for the Strong Island Photography Walkshops but we’re also trying out different types of photography, from nature to night light painting and the recent Haying Island walkshop tried out a new theme looking a photographing people. We were very lucky to have Amy Perkins as our model for the morning and the beautiful eastern Hayling Island beach for our location. Working with Amy we were able to start of looking at longer compositions, placing Amy within a scene. We then looked at our first shoot set-up with the photographers capturing Amy modelling on an old wooden post with the waves rolling in with the tide. From here we moved down along the beach line and also over to a row of tide defence posts, looking at postures and how they help tell a story, compositions and the use of negative space and much more. We ended up down on the rocks at the southerly part of the Chichester Harbour entrance, capturing breaking waves and Amy looking out at sea, creating narratives within the images.

Working with Amy the photographers were able to ask Amy to take on particular poses, look in particular directions and also go in for close-up portraits…all made possible by having an experienced model on hand for this walkshop. Thanks again Amy!

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