Photos From Dell Quay Photo Walkshop

Despite teaching dozens of photography workshops at Dell Quay over the last 5 years, the recent trip on a sunny July morning was the first time for a Photography Walkshop. The small sailing hamlet has a long history and is a really diverse mix of different locations, from wide views of the Chichester Harbour channel all the way down to the old boat nails and sailing detritus on the low tide mud. We started off on the quayside looking at the different weathered textures before moving down to the pontoon, with the underside of the quay and the low angles of the boats and ropes perfect for trying different compositional techniques. We soon moved on to the shoreline and the marooned boats, looking at different layering and at leading the eye. We then made our way down to the old hulk on the mud, getting up close and looking through the holes in the hull.

From here we turned and ventured south along the wide shoreline beach, looking for beach-combing treasures and lurking crabs. We then moved along the salt water oak trees and up to the farmer’s field which this summer is set aside and covered in flowers. We looked at different ways of shooting portraits within the environment and focusing techniques and then ended up exploring the high shoreline plants, giving views out to sailboats on the rising water. As always, Dell Quay delivered for a photographer with a camera and an inquisitive eye, and we barely scratched the surface. Thanks to everyone who came along!

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