Photos From Gosport Harbourside Photo Walkshop

Late July was our Gosport Harbourside photography walkshop and it was glorious weather as we started out by the Gosport Ferry on the west side of Portsmouth Harbour. This weekend was also the America’s Cup so the harbour was packed with craft travelling in and out to see the race stages happening just out in the Solent by Southsea Beach. The walkshop started off exploring the Falklands Gardens, looking at different focusing techniques and using macro to capture the flowers. The water fountain was also a good test spot for experimenting with different shutter speed settings and seeing the results change from flowing water to freezing time with water droplets suspended in the air. We then made our way down the harbour edge, looking at using aperture and depth of field with different layers in our image and also leading lines. We ended up down at the huge sundial plaza and explored with our cameras the different elements, from the needle to the curved lines. Next was the wooden pier that runs out down the side of Haslar Marina, working to incorporate more than one of the different composition techniques in to the same photo.

We were very lucky to have had Haslar Marina agree to let us explore the marina, which is closed to the public normally, this meant we could go down on to the pontoons amongst the beautiful yachts with our cameras. The marina was also home to many of the on-the-water infrastructure elements to the America’s Cup so while we explored we saw the race markers be returned to the marina and other boats coming back in to the harbour as the racing ended. With the harbour entrance getting very busy with craft returning in to harbour after the racing, Ben the general manager of the marina took us out in the marina’s rib to get in to the harbour and out in to the Solent. We were able to take photos right in the mix of all the craft, a fantastic opportunity. We finally ended up at the famous green lightboat at the end of the marina, with views out to the Portsmouth shoreline and of the America’s Cup racing craft on their way back in to Portsmouth Dockyard. A huge thank you to Ben and Haslar Marina and to all the photographer’s who came along.

The next photography walkshop is at Itchenor, the home to sailing in Chichester Harbour on Saturday Morning. We’ll be exploring the small village and it’s busy shoreline, from the historic boatyard to the quiet shore pathways with views out over the water, you can book online HERE.

We’ll be booking scheduling the Autumn & Winter photography walks from October onwards very soon, keep an eye on the website for when they go up.

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