Photos From Staunton Country Park Photo Walkshop

After visiting Staunton Country Park on a few occasions it felt like a long overdue visit when we had our photography walkshop there at the end of July. Despite being in the middle of summer it started off with a heavy shower of rain but in no time we got started at the country park side, turning a negative in to a positive with water droplets on the fence & gates. The rain had also coated the morning spiders’ webs that were in amongst the trees and plants, all of which were a strong and vivid green from the recent rainfall. We looked at focusing techniques for spiders’ webs and also looked at direction and flow within images. We made our way down the hill looking at dead trees, hanging thorns and then came out at the steps that used to form the old manor house.

The old steps and the archways underneath are a popular spot for photographers including weddings and light painting, we looked at some composition techniques and discussed long exposure photography before moving over to the old shell house, hidden away in a recess in the hillside. This small structure worked well for looking at textures and also when to consider using monochrome. The dead trees further down also helped expand on that concept. We then headed down to the large lake, working our way around the water’s edge before ending up on the old archway bridge to the island. A big thank you to the brave souls who came out in the rain (and used plastic bags to cover their cameras!).

The next photography walkshops will be from october after a one month break through September. We’ll be adding the dates later this week.

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