Photos From Old Portsmouth Photo Walkshop

For the 31st photography walkshop we returned to an old favourite, Old Portsmouth. We started off at the quayside edge of The Camber, looking at the boats and craft moored up in the harbour, experimenting with different focusing techniques and looking for interesting nautical textures. We moved over to the Ben Ainsley Racing HQ building, catching the clouds and blue sky reflected in the glass. Then we moved down to the slipway, with the tide low a fishing boat was grounded so we could get up close looking at natural framing opportunities and interesting rust and rope textures. We made our way over to The Point, with it’s views out over Portsmouth Harbour and Spinnaker Tower. We worked on composition techniques such as Rule of Thirds with the tower and passing ferries.

We headed off to the alleyways that cut through the very old houses in Old Portsmouth, using them to give us leading lines and also looking at different perspectives. From there we went to a couple of viewing locations, capturing the old buildings overlooking the water and also the passing craft coming in and out of the harbour. We again looked at different perspectives and mixing multiple composition techniques. We finally headed down on to the beach through Sally Port in The Hotwalls, trying out capturing images in reflections. A huge thank you to everyone who came along!

The next photography walkshops will be announced very soon for autumn & winter.

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