Photos From Eastney Fort Beach Photo Walkshop

Back in the late summer we had a photography walkshop that explored down the beach that forms the Eastney side of the Langstone Harbour entrance channel. Previous walkshops have concentrated on the northerly part of the beach, up by the Hayling Island ferry pontoon and houseboats but the southerly line of shore is great to explore with views out over the busy waters, concrete structures and the edges of the old fort. We started off looking at focusing techniques with the wild flowers on the top of the beach. From there we made our way down to the water’s edge looking at different perspectives and composition techniques, using the masts of the Solent bound yachts to work on Rule of Thirds.

At the start of the harbour entrance is a concrete pier that juts out in to the water, we began at the pier entrance and used the lines of perspective to lead the eye down to the people fishing off of the end. By us was also a large plant which was popular with many different butterflies, we tried our best to photograph them as they flew in and out of the leaves, flowers and branches. We dropped down on to the shingle beach and used the geometric concrete structure to help frame activity on the water. The ebbing tide also revealed more photography opportunities with seaweed, rock pools and soft sand.

We ended up down by the large concrete cubes and experimented on some initial daytime long exposures using a tripod, trigger and ND filters. The falling tide eddying around the concrete took on a soft and smooth feel. This was the first time experimenting as a group with this photography technique and it might be something we do again in the future. A big thank you to everyone who came along!

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