Photos from Eastney Harbour Entrance Photo Walkshop

We’re a bit behind on the photos from previous walkshops apologies! These photos are from the Eastney walkshop in May. In the morning the sun broke free of the clouds on the dot of 10am, just as we got started on the Eastney photo walkshop. We were there for our 4th walkshop last year and back by popular demand for our 20th walk. ‘Eastney Point’ is a favourite spot for taking photos with the mix of the busy Langstone Harbour, the quiet Milton Lake, the house boats, the beach and so much more. We started off looking at focusing techniques amongst the small boats on the shingle spur before looking at composition techniques around the house boats. We then went down the the harbour entrance shoreline and looked at perspective, leading lines and creating a narrative. Pretty sure everyone who came along on this sold out walk had some fantastic images by the end (and maybe the start of some sunburn too).

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