Photos from Emsworth Photo Walkshop

Saturday afternoon of the 30th April saw our second photography walkshop outside Portsmouth, with a walk around the Millpond in Emsworth. The walk was due to cover the whole of the edge of the pond and down to the far shoreline, but as these tend to go…there were so many great things to photograph we didn’t quite manage to reach the end.

We started off on the shoreline at low tide down at the bottom of South Street, by the sailing club. On the shore are always lots of small tenders and rowboats so perfect to exploring for interesting textures as well as working on focusing and layers. From here we walked up to the start of the pond and worked on a couple of different composition techniques, using the small metal bridge and the wider path for examples. From here we made our way down to the pontoon and shot photos of the damaged boats from the recent storm. Whilst working on different perspectives the local rowing club arrived and were happy to be captured. We then made it down to the further shoreline where the old path through the mud made it’s way in to the rising tide.

The large group used some elements of this path for exploring narrative and discovering how photography can be draw feelings and thoughts from a viewer. We had a great group of all abilities and ages (including one little photographer trying out her dad’s SLR) and the time quickly flew by.

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