Photos From Natural Langstone Harbour Photo Walkshop

At the end of May we had a return visit to Farlington Marshes for a morning walkshop down by Langstone Harbour. The sky was a bit overcast and it wasn’t too warm but we had a good team of photographers and started off where the marshes begin on the westerly shoreline edge. We looked at different focusing techniques using fences, barbwire and even a left over pinecone from last autumn. We explored one of the Starfish control bunkers from WW2 where the marshes were used as a decoy for Portsea Island. On top of the bunker the rusting viewing tower was great for looking at natural framing and mastering off centre focusing. We continued down the track and looked at different perspectives before reaching the marshes themselves, with their reed beds.

We descended down to the reeds and looked out for birds in the air and on the water as well as looking at depth of field and aperture, with the breeze blown reeds providing an awesome subject. From there we made it down to the southerly point and on to the low-tide shoreline, exploring the different textures on the beach and views out over the harbour. A big thank you to all the photographers who came along. One of the photographers on the walk was Katie, who has written a blog post all about the walk, you can read it on her blog HERE.

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