Photos From Lee on the Solent Photo Walkshop

For the first time we had a photography walkshop over at Lee on the Solent, the walk was in the afternoon after the walkshop at Farlington Marshes in Portsmouth. After an overcast start in the morning, the sky cleared and by the time the walkshop began in Lee, the sun was burning through a hazy cover of cloud and the Solent was busy with sailing craft. The walk wasn’t heavily booked and after a few people pulled out we ended up with just 2 photographers, mother and daughter wanting to learn more about their cameras. This can happen if you are lucky, you can end up with almost a 1-2-1 training session with a pro photographer for the 2 hours!

The beach at Lee offered loads of different opportunities to work on different photography techniques, such as using the ice-cream van to work on focusing, the rock groynes jutting out in to the water and their markers helped with different composition techniques. We ended up with lots of photos from a beautiful location. And an ice-cream from that van.

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