Photos From Emsworth Photo Walkshop with Chichester Harbour Conservancy

Sorry so behind on sharing past photo walkshop photos, with it being Strong Island’s 10th year we’re working on some large projects and as such we’ve fallen a bit behind. Will catch up as fast as we can. We’re also posting up the new walkshop dates this week, after some dates needing to be moved around a little bit.

The 61st photography walkshop was in partnership with Chichester Harbour Conservancy over in Emsworth on a warm summer’s day last year. We met up at the square and then made our way to the harbour shoreline at the bottom of South Street. The tide was low and it meant we could go out on to the shoreline and get in amongst the tenders looking for details and textures. We looked at different focusing techniques and also found some great reflections in the puddles left from the retreating harbour waters.

From here we headed up and around to the start of the mill pond path, pausing at the sluice gate walkway, where we began to explore leading lines and guiding the viewer’s eye through an image. From here we also captured shots with views down in to the small boats moored up against the sea wall, looking at different perspectives. The views out over the harbour waters were pretty spectacular with the passing rain clouds and bright sunshine. It was great to have so many people of different ages together in the walkshop group, all giving each other ideas & suggestions.

We followed the pathway down to the pontoon that juts out in to the channel, always a popular spot for swimmers, rowers and photographers. We used the lines of the pontoon itself to guide the eye along and out to the water a swell as using the location as a great vantage point for seascapes with dramatic skies. We also looked at the boats moored up here too, finding different details.

The last stop of the walkshop was up past the far sailing club, which on Saturday mornings (if the tide is right) sees lots of small craft make their way out on to the water. We captured the colourful sails, looked at the boats in storage on the grass and tried other composition techniques before heading back. These three hour walkshops go just as quickly as the 2 hours ones! Thanks everyone for coming along.

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