Photos From Old Portsmouth Photo Walkshop

The 60th photography walkshop was a really summery, sunny one out in Old Portsmouth. We began at the Round Tower and from there made our way over to the historic Camber. We started looking at different composition techniques looking at the different craft out on the water. We moved over to the small craft stack and then looked at controlling focus and off centre compositions. We then continued our slow walk around the inner quayside and then ended up at the Land Rover BAR HQ building, looking at getting sunburst effect and composing shots looking in to the light.

Before heading over to The Point we spent some time on the main slipway that leads down in to the harbour water. The tide was low which meant that we could check out the metal structure of the pontoon as well as getting some shots of the Spinnaker Tower from the waterline. We looked at Aperture and Depth of Field at this point, capturing details of the bright and colourful seaweed on the rusty metal structure.

We headed out to The Point which is an amazing location for views out over the busy Portsmouth Harbour, with another angle of the tower too. Hidden behind the Spice Island pub is a small alleyway which we used for a few perspective experiments, such as leading the eye and the use of shadows and light to help create a mood. Our next spot was the little corner behind the historic old buildings with a view of the harbour entrance and the viewing tower (which used to record which ships were arriving and leaving, before sending the information to Lloyds of London).

The last stop of the walkshop a viewing area by the harbour entrance with great views looking out to The Solent and also back to our starting point, the Round Tower. As well as looking out for shots of the water and the different yachts, boats and ships arriving and leaving the benches here are also great for leading lines and repeated patterns. Sadly our two hours had quickly passed in the glorious sunshine, thanks to everyone who came along!

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