Photos From Historic Bosham Photo Walkshop

The 49th photography walkshop was (again) on a cold and damp spring day in Bosham back in late March. Bosham is always a fantastic place to explore with a camera, with it’s mix of history and the busy sailing fraternity. This is always a popular photo walkshop but we started off a little different this time around: as it was earlier in the year than usual we explored the boats and yachts up on blocks still out of the water for winter. Having close up access to the textures, ropes, peeling paint, rusty propellers and more was a perfect start looking at focusing (also a good finish as some went back when the walkshop was over).

From the carpark we made our way down to the entrance gate of the old church path, which heads in a perfect straight line down the the historic Holy Trinity Church. We began focusing in on the new spring flowers and the old gates before looking at leading lines and leading the eye using the path (with a willing volunteer). We headed down to the church and then spent some time exploring the churchyard, looking for textures, layering our images and finding interesting details. Soon we were out the other side and by the mill stream. The old and weathered benches were great for looking at creating narratives as well as for leading lines in portraits. Always good when nobody drops their camera in the stream or gets wet feet too (has happened!)

From here it is a short walk down to the quayside, with a view in to the channel and out in to Chichester Harbour. The old sail loft and the shore’s wooden structures are good to explore at low tide and we spent some time looking in and around the small boats up on the quay. The view out beyond the iconic wooden markers with the dark and brooding clouds worked well with rule of thirds experiments. We finally ended up looking at the mill stream as it came out past the sailing club (old mill), trying different shutter speeds to blur or sharpen the movement. Normally it would be ice-cream at the end but maybe a bit too early in the year…this time. As always, the two hours flew by, a big thank you to everyone who came along!

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