Photos From People on Hayling Island Beach Photo Walkshop

The 57th photography walkshop was out on the beach on Hayling Island. We’re always trying to set walkshops for different types of photography, from nature to night light painting and in the summer the Haying walkshop was on the theme of photographing people. The previous version of this walkshop a year earlier was lots of fun so despite the changeable weather it went really well thanks to our three models on the day. This location is fantastic for shooting photos of people (we’ve actually run a similar walkshop here 5 times in the past) and our main models all had experience of being photographed before so were happy to work with our photographers to get the shot they were after. Our third model was along for the walkshop and got involved!

Working with models we were able to start looking at wider compositions, placing the models within a landscape at different points. A storm was rolling in from the South Downs and became a moody backdrop to many of our images as the morning went on. We walked down the beach and tried various different setups, from wide to extreme close up, considering triangles, rule of thirds and eye-lines in our compositions. Passing yachts travelling in and out of the Solent and Langstone Harbour also added background detail and points of narrative.

From here we moved down to the wider areas of shingle and then looked at perspective, with us all laying down and looking at depth of field, foreground vs. background and pulling up textured surfaces in to the frame. We also found some props and spent some time taking photos with engaging eye contact between the model and the lens. It isn’t often you get to shoot portraits like this (unless you have a brave and willing friend or family member) so it was great to experiment and try out looking in to and out of the frame and more.

We ended up down where the harbour entrance finally meets the sea and along the edge of this part of the beach are large rocks for some tidal defence. Our models worked tirelessly with the photographers listening to guidance, collaborating with ideas, gestures, direction of views and more. The two hours flew by and we all had some interesting shots to chat over on the way back to the cars. A HUGE thank you to our models who helped make it all possible.

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