Photos From Eastney at Night Photo Walkshop

The 56th photography walkshop was out at the ferry point in Eastney, with the aim to catch the location as it went in to dusk and night. Sadly not that many people made it out in the end but with two familiar faces coming along it meant we had lots of fun capturing the location with our cameras and lights. The location is a favourite in daylight but also comes to life in another way when you have colourful morning or dusk light in the sky. As it was low tide we first set up on the beach under the pontoon. Here we could begin to push our shutter speeds to begin to soften the flowing Langstone Harbour water under the bridge.

We worked our way along the shoreline west and south from the pontoon, changing perspectives with our tripods and as the sun set more and more behind us it brought out more colour behind the clouds out over the harbour. It wasn’t long until night arrived and we lost all ambient light, that is one of the things that is great about this spot in the evening, apart from an odd street light, it gets pretty dark.

We moved on to the shingle ridge that loops back from the harbour entrance in to Milton Lake which is home to loads of upturned tenders. We began this light painting half of the walkshop by placing lights under different boats and capturing the view out as far as the Eastern Road bridge. We then took turns to add different light painted elements to our images, from lines of LEDs through to the fun light gloves, with their flashing colours creating a strange mist on the foreground boats. Looking forward to visiting this location again later in the spring.

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