Photos From Staunton Park Photo Walkshop

Note: Sorry we’re so behind with the photos from this year’s photo walkshops, we’ll be sharing lots of them to catch up ready for the next walkshops in January.

The 55th photography walkshop was back in the summer of last year and we had beautiful, warm, sunny morning weather as we met up at the gates of Staunton Country Park. This is always a really fun walkshop as it covers so many different elements, from woodland to plants to different structures such as stairs, archways, a bridge and even a folly shell house. We set off and got stuck in straight away looking at the different plants and trees that line the pathway leading in to the park. We began looking at focusing and working on taking control with your autofocus to place the subject at different points of the frame.

A little further along are some beautiful and tall trees, that made for a great spot to begin looking at different types of compositions and perspectives. We looked up, down and along, discovering the textures and views normally missed by people passing us walking their dogs. Also by the pine trees are some more ornate trees that were sheltering some bluebells, which gave us a great opportunity to mix the low angles with careful focusing and depth of field.

The remains of the old house overlook the lake and consist of a central staircase that leads down in to the sheltered archways underneath. This is a popular spot for photographers and for good reason, we played around with centre and rule of thirds composition, leading lines, textures and more. It is only a stones throw to get from here to the old shell house, hidden away in a gulley surrounded by high trees. We looked at direction and travel of light and also explored the strange structure, covered with fascinating textures and detail.

Onwards down the hill we passed beyond the lower tree line and arrived at the water’s edge. The lake here offered up some stunning reflections and helped us with our rule of thirds. Before we knew it the two hours was up, with many of the photographers sticking around to continue their photographic exploration of this park.

Like the look of this walkshop? You’re in luck, we’re running it again TOMORROW MORNING! Be quick. You can book a spot on the walkshop taking place from 10am HERE.

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