Photos From Portsmouth Cathedral at Night Photo Walkshop

Note: Sorry we’re so behind with the photos from this year’s photo walkshops, we’ll be sharing lots of them to catch up ready for the next walkshops in January.

The 54th photography walkshop was (just like the 53rd at Fratton Park) something different and special. We had run walkshops at Portsmouth Cathedral previously exploring both the exterior and the interior, but thanks to their help and kindness this time we got to shoot photos in the cathedral at night…with the lights out. This incredible space takes on a new feel, a new atmosphere, at night. This walkshop was inspired by an arts projection installation previously in the main space, and was much like a normal night photography walkshop looking at long exposure and light painting techniques…but in an incredible indoor space. This was (I think) the first time photography had been done in the cathedral with the lights out at night.

We started off working on some simple focusing techniques with a temporary sculpture in part of the older church and then moved to the altar under a large chandelier. We worked on looking at light painting different elements in the composition with the candlesticks, the altar and the chandelier itself and then popped with a flash our host Sharon too.

We moved to the huge main space the the second half of the walkshop and tried out lots of different light painting ideas. We begain with a single source of light and then started to add more and more layers (with more photographers getting involved once they had pressed their shutter buttons). In what seemed like no time at all it was time to pack up our cameras and head out in to the night.

Like the look of this walkshop? You’re in luck, we’re running it again in February! You can book a spot on the walkshop taking place from 7pm to 9pm on the 10th February HERE.

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