Photos From Portsmouth City Centre Photo Walkshop

The first photography walkshop of 2017 started off the year with a new location and a new angle: looking at urban photography including architecture & street photography whilst exploring the city centre of Portsmouth. We began at Portsmouth Guildhall and then quickly made our way to the first spot, an archway that leads through from the back of an office building to the busy Guildhall Walk. This spot gave us the opportunity to try out composition techniques such as leading lines, natural framing and symmetry. The rear windows of the building were fantastic for reflections too.

Just a few steps away from here is the back of the epic Norrish Central Library building, a perfect example of 1960s Brutalist architecture. The building’s lines, shapes and scale allowed us to look at different architectural techniques, including how to integrate life/action in to structural forms. We also looked at light & shadow and how to look out for where these intersect. Next up was the Highbury College building, again a few steps away. The sharp, metallic corner lines gave us more great architectural images backed with a beautiful winter blue sky.

Next up was the Lawcourts, a building with brick curves and reflective windows plus much more that let us look at repeated patterns and even minimal compositions. We looked at the building’s less obvious architectural shapes and reflections before utilising the environment to explore urban portraiture. The lines and curves helped guide the eye to our subject. Around the corner we continued to discover different elements of the building that normally might be missed.

A very short walk from here we developed the previous creative composition ideas with the stairwell of the city carpark, in particular the concrete stairwell that also has Brutalist features. The repeating hard spiral, and elevated position made for more fun portraiture ideas plus the light and shadow as the stairs cut up from each level made for interesting images. Our last spot was at the base of the Civic Offices, working on another stairwell! This one allowed for natural framing combined with other creative techniques, a perfect spot to push the ideas we had worked on previously on the walkshop. We finally ended up back where we started, the sunlit steps of the Guildhall with a final look at capturing people in street scenes…as well as pigeons. A big thank you to everyone that came along!

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