Photos From Southsea at Night Photo Walkshop

The 47th photography walkshop was fully booked, with the plan to explore some popular Southsea seafront spots at night with our cameras. The cold late February night saw us meeting by Cumberland House before making it down to the edge of Canoe Lake. As always we talked about the particular settings for night photography as we set up our cameras on tripods, ready for our first shots of the water. Within a few test shots we had dialled our cameras in ready for capturing the wind blown rippling waters and the waterside sheds as well as looking west the length of the lake.

We soon moved along the water’s edge to a point where we could capture the peddle-boat swans moored up in the middle of the lake, with the street lights beyond, working with some different perspectives and focusing techniques. On our way out of the west exit of the park we stopped and looked to photograph the old water fountain statue and trying to include the coloured lights that surround Canoe Lake. With a bit of experimenting we could almost create a halo effect on the angel.

Across the road and up on to the prom we looked at the iconic prom lights experimenting with settings to create starlight shapes. We also looked at lines of light from the road but most people were sensibly tucked up at home so it was a little quiet on that front. From here we walked down to another landmark of the seafront, one of the yellow shelters.

We began with lightpainting behind the shelter windows and then working on combinations of different lights, with everyone having a go and getting involved. The street lights provided a lot of extra light for this sort of thing so we had to keep moving…also keeping us warm too. We ended up trying out some of the new lights brought along, including some interesting gloves and more. As always, the two hours flew along and before we knew it our time was up. A big thank you to everyone who came along and braved the winter night.

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