Photos From Emsworth Millpond Photo Walkshop

The 48th photography walkshop was on a cold and damp spring day in Emsworth back in April. Despite the first glimpses of spring we braved the conditions and began by photographing on the shoreline at the bottom of South Street, where the road meets Chichester Harbour. With the tide up we couldn’t get down to the small boats but we did catch one of the sailing clubs launching their small boats and raising their sails. We initially looked at documenting the sailors and the boats as they sailed out past us and in to the channel. we took a short step over to the sailing club quayside and spied some black swans that were happy for us to take their photos as they looked for people with scraps and food for them.

Up on to the Millpond path we started at the weir control and small bridge, looking at leading lines and how to use them for shooting portraits. Looking back out over the pond water we then looked at rule of thirds, splitting the composition up using the path edge for a horizontal line, splitting the quiet pond water and the moody clouds. Ten we talked about how and why to break the rule! We then set off along the path looking down at the small boats and wildlife along the waterline for details and perspectives.

The pontoon leads out in to the full channel and we again looked at leading lines plus how to lead the eye in a composition. Without falling in the high tide water we also explored low perspectives out in to the channel and of both boats passing and moored up together. The wide open views and dramatic skies made for some interesting landscapes. We spent some time looking at textures and details of the pontoon before setting back off along the pond path.

Past the other sailing club we made our way out to the shore and the shore path that eventually leads west to Langstone. The small boat storage yard we used for detailed low perspectives using short depth of field after learning about aperture and shutter speed. We also looked at portraiture and using off centre focusing. We ended up walking down the far edge of the millpond to the small carpark that has a large wooden platform on the water. Here we could discover the boats up on blocks and on trailers, looking for those details and textures again. The two hours flew by and before we knew it our time was up. A big thank you to everyone who came along!

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