Photos From Southsea Seafront Photo Walkshop

Note: Sorry we’re so behind with the photos from this year’s photo walkshops, we’ll be sharing them now throughout the holiday period to catch up ready for the next walkshops in January.

The 51st photography walkshop was at the start of the warm weather in very early summer, along the always popular Southsea Seafront route. We began at the Rose Gardens and unlike previous walkshops in this area we spent more time looking at the old concrete and brick parts back when it was once a fort protecting the shoreline of Portsmouth. We began looking at different focusing techniques and how to control areas of sharpness in the frame. We then left the Rose Gardens and looked at the colourful beach huts concentrating on combining light and shadow.

From here it is a short hop across the road on to the Prom and we (again for the first time on this route) spent some time experimenting with depth with the old concrete bench that runs along the roadside. We took photos of people sat on the concrete and used the leading lines to draw the eye. The sun was out and the weather nice and warm so it was great to head down on to the beach for our next stop. We worked on taking the cameras in to Aperture & Shutter Priority and then experimented with different perspectives with the beach shingle and the small waves lapping on the beach.

A short walk from the beach and back across the road we were heading for Canoe Lake, with its swans, model boats and more. We continued to develop our work with low perspectives and controlling depth of field. We also had some friendly birds get up close and say hello too!

Our last stop was South Parade Pier: one of the city’s most popular photography landmarks never fairs to deliver and we looked at a variety of composition techniques looking along, through and under the pier itself. Working in the darker areas of shadow also helps improve skills in controlling exposure too. Another fun walkshop, a big thank you to all who came along!

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