Photos From Southsea at Sunset Photo Walkshop

In many ways, you’re asking for trouble calling a photography walkshop at the start of Autumn ‘Southsea at Sunset’ but you have to be optimistic! We had a run of beautiful sunsets through the late summer and early autumn so seemingly the odds were good but on the night in question it was blowing a gale, freezing cold and the rain had started before we even got our cameras out. Turning negatives in to positives is always interesting so we decided to go under the pier and shoot long exposure images to get started. With tripods out we set up some long shutter speed images to catch the last of the light and to wash out the waves on the incoming tide. As is now tradition, there were a few wet feet from concentrating on composition and not the lapping water around our feet.

As you might expect there was no sunset due to the dark grey clouds and rain so once the light had gone and it was really dark we started experimenting with light painting under the pier, using different techniques and all having a go trying it out. This was a first for this location on photo walkshops and it must have looked a little odd from the Prom..not that anyone might of seen us as by this point it was chucking it down with rain but we were dry and getting creative with multiple elements in our photos using flashes, torches, etc.

With about 30 minutes left of the walkshop the rain had stopped so we made our way out on to the prom and overlooking the road and hotels and worked on capturing the traffic light lines as cars and buses passed us by. As the night photography walkshop came to a close we messed about drawing and writing with a torch on the beach under an almost full moon. So no sunset, but we got to see some sky in the end. A big thank you to everyone who braved the conditions and helped make for an interesting evening of photography.

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